Why Homeopathy for your Child?


As parents, we have to make many important decisions for our children. Decisions that begin from the nature of childbirth, the type of food and feeding practices, to which nursery and school to put them in. Many of these decisions may seem trivial to some individuals. For instance, one may think how does it matter whether a baby is fed milk through a bottle or by using a bowl and spoon, isn’t it? It makes a world of a difference! Not only does it affect the child’s physical health but also interferes with their psychological growth. As important, and even more so, is the decision of choosing the right type of treatment for all your child’s problems.

In today’s world of speed and technology, everyone wants results. Naturally, the ways of modern medicine are very much in vogue and trending fast. All parents want the best and quickest forms of treatment for their little ones to help them overcome their complaints. But nobody is considering at what cost. Let’s just take a moment and do that.

With every change of weather, with every sip of a cold drink many children start with complaints of cold, cough, breathlessness, throat pain, fever, diarrhoea etc. for which the parents must rush them to the family doctor. Most common mode of treatment usually consists of an antibiotic, an anti-pyretic (fever medicine) and other medicines for symptomatic relief. Over a span of 3-4 days the child gets better. When we ask the doctor what it actually is, the most common answer is ‘Viral infection’. But we fail to understand that if it is a viral infection, then what is the need of an antibiotic?

For those of you who don’t know, antibiotics are used for infections that are caused by bacteria. They have no role in treating viral infections. In fact, there are no forms of treatment available today to cure a viral infection. Usually, viral infections are self-limited and are overcome by the body’s nature defence mechanism. Hence the child gets well within 3-4days. Even the most dreaded Dengue fever, which is of viral origin has no specific medicines to cure it. Lots of fluid, rest and close monitoring is all the treatment that one can give.

So why are we over-medicating our child with these medicines when they are not required? Not only do they receive the excess drug, but also should deal with its side effects ranging in a variety of gastro-intestinal upsets, weakness, loss of appetite etc. Apart from this, because of the non-judicious use of antibiotics, the bacteria soon develop resistance against the drugs and evolve to adapt and overcome the drug, hence becoming stronger. Soon the action of the antibiotics seems to be insufficient and need for higher range arises. This is a continuous process which puts the human body through unwarranted stress and susceptible to worse types of infections. Lately it had been reported that a woman from the USA who had recently been to India and got herself operated for her hip died of an E. coli infection which was resistant to 26 types of antibiotics that are available in the USA. This is just an example of the rampant rage with which bacteria are becoming more and more tough to deal with. Many researches and talks are taking place about the same. One such informative TEDtalk will help bring more clarity on the same.

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Here we can appreciate the role of Homeopathy in dealing with such situations by enhancing the body’s own defenses in overcoming the infection. Even in a bacterial infection, the body is able to combat the illness with the help of these medicines and hence the overall immunity of the child increases. Isn’t it better than supplying external soldiers in the form of antibiotics to fight our own battle? And this it does in a safe and natural manner without causing any side effects.

It is commonly seen that allergies, whether of the skin or respiratory system, are confused with infections and dealt with wrongly. An allergic response is the body’s own reaction to a certain substance which it is sensitive to. It does not possess the properties of an infection such as running a high fever or spreading it to others. This sensitive response of the body is very individual. Homeopathic remedies show wonderful results in such conditions wherein it reduces the body’s exaggerated response and in turn decreases its symptoms. The child in time develops a reduced reaction to the sensitive substance and remains untroubled.

But then comes the question, isn’t Homeopathy slow? Wont it take time to act? What about the child until then? Here is another myth that needs to be broken. Homeopathy is not slow! When administered in the right dose, it brings about a change within minutes to hours. Many acute illnesses like diarrhoea, vomiting, cough, fever, wheezing show great response to the treatment and fast recovery. Also, unlike with modern medicine, the child’s appetite is restored, his energy levels come back to normal and is back in action much faster. This is because children are known to be more sensitive in responding to Homeopathic medicines and hence, are most profited by this mode of treatment. And one cannot deny how easy it makes the job of parents in administering these sweet candylike-tasting pills to them!

With regular Homeopathic treatment, not only does the child improve quicker but it also boosts his immune system which reduces the chances of him contracting infections easily. The result is a happier, healthier child which is what every parent strives for.

By: Dr. Priyanka Joshi

      MD (Hom) Paediatrics