What is the Real Reason Behind your Disease ?

Humans are prone to diseases, which is a fact that cannot be taken away. Even though there have been ground-breaking advances in the field of modern medicine about antibiotics and life sustaining drugs,  we are still not spending enough time in understanding the real reason behind the cause, genesis and evolution of diseases. We must study why an individual is more prone to certain kinds of diseases, when has his disease precipitated, what series of events have led to breakdown of the entire system. The answers to this can be found in the stress-diathesis model and by studying the PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunological) axis.

The stress-diathesis model asserts that if the combination of the predisposition and the stress exceeds a threshold, the person will develop a disorder.


The diathesis, or predisposition, interacts with the subsequent stress response of an individual. Stress refers to a life event or series of events that disrupt a person’s psychological equilibrium and potentially serves as a catalyst to the development of a disorder. Thus, the diathesis–stress model serves to explore how biological or genetic traits (diatheses) interact with environmental influences (stressors) to produce disorders.

In Homoeopathy we study all these factors that have led to the person becoming ill and treat him at that level so that the effects of our medicines are permanent and long lasting. We also study the PNEI axis of a diseased person in detail before prescription of our medicines.

Simply speaking many researches over a period of time have strongly concluded that stress has negative effects on functioning of nerves, of the entire endocrine system (Thyroid, Ovary, and Pancreas) and on the immune system. A study in Harvard suggested that exam going students were more affected by a common virus than non-exam going students, the blood investigation of both sets of students showed a major suppression of immune cells in “stressed” exam going students.


Having said that, no man is without stress in life, one must go through their share of worries in life. The brain does not have a punching bag where it can remove these unresolved emotions. Think of the body as the canvas of an unsettled mind where the portrait is the disease. In homoeopathy we go the roots of the genesis of the disease. That is why our case taking involves such depth into the life of a person. Where we try and study the Bio-Psycho-Social factors of the disease. This is how we are trying to get to the root cause of the disease rather than a superficial understanding. No other system in the entire world goes to understand a man’s disease in such great depth. Once we are able to perceive this phenomenon in a man, we are able to give tailor-made individual medicine that is most suited to his genetic make-up, precipitating and maintaining factors of his disease.

We aim to heal the man completely rather than just temporarily removing his symptoms.

By: Dr. Shashvat Joshi

Published by

Sattva Clinics

Homeopathy Clinic

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