Growing Up On Homeopathy ! ! !

As a child, i was a mischievous one, i gave my mother and father a pretty rough time growing up, always playing, always falling and getting hurt, getting wet in the rains all the time, playing with fire crackers, getting skin cuts with kites and all sorts of problems. My Parents never scolded me or were never upset with this kind of behavior. In fact my father would  praise me for the bruises and marks on my body and  would tell me go and get some more.


This attitude of my parents made me a strong and confident child. I was never afraid of anything nor did anything effect me. This sort of a childhood environment and motivation made me into the person i am. i grew up to be a very adventurous person. from climbing to Everest base camp, scuba diving into the deepest oceans and riding across India to reach the highest motor able road in the Himalayas. My father who is also a well known and a reputed homeopath never gave me any vaccinations.  I was completely brought up on Homeopathy. I had never known the concept of vaccination as a child, i was surprised to find my friends visiting the clinic every year for their shots. One day out of curiosity i asked my father, why wasn’t  i given these shots like the rest of the kids, my father smiled and told me the answer to this question you will find once you grow up.

Growing up, i was never hospitalized, i had never taken any medicine for fever, i had never taken antibiotics, i used to fall in once a year. My immunity had been strong from day one of my life.  Meanwhile i used to see my friends fall ill at every change of weather, when they had cold drinks and ice-cream and had to be hospitalized all the time.  Till day i am healthy and fall ill only once a year lasting for 2-3 days.

I too grew up to be doctor and studied the concepts of innate immunity and acquired immunity, as parents all must thrive for inculcating acquired immunity in your child. Give him the freedom to play in dirt and in the monsoons, let him fall and make mistakes. We must stop becoming over protective of our children, teach them to  be independent as early as possible. We must realize that  the anxieties and insecurities are ours that are over protecting our children. The Pediatrician scares us and advises us  a large number of vaccinations. We must ask ourselves are all these vaccinations required. Weren’t children healthy before the advent and development of  vaccinations. Ask the doctor, will taking BCG vaccine completely prevent your child from getting TB ?. These are concerns that are growing among Indian parents now. Let the child recover by himself when he is ill. It is we who are weak that cannot see our child in fever.

In Homeopathy we believe in the same thing, we do not directly attack the bacteria and viruses, rather we push the bodies immune system get stronger and attack the bacteria on their own. This helps the body’s immunity to grow and acquire this specific immunity so that next time whenever this bacteria enters the system it will be able to fight it with ease. We want to make our patients stronger and independent of anyone and anything

Make your children independent

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