Healthy Family



The complete physical, mental as well as social well being is HEALTH. The process is dynamic with the constant demands and challenges from the environment around us. The current time is full of stress which creates imbalance and produces UNEASE which is capable to produce DISEASE if not understood and taken care of.

I believe that the rise of Psychosomatic diseases and Psychiatric diseases are product of not paying attention to Mental Health.  We can do much about it. The emotional stability and Social wellbeing is achievable. We can talk about it and bring solution based on need of the each case.

Early parental guidance to raise healthy and creative children is the stepping stone in building up

Healthy family. This will reduce stress in parents as well as give them INSIGHT in to the capabilities of children. Children are future of nation.

The couples are facing challenges too. My focus is creating open and communicative relationship by which multiple goals are achieved. Strong family bond creates emotional stability as well as gives individual space for growth to all is the demand of TIME.

By:  Dr. Jyoti S. Joshi


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