Homoeopathy and Sattva

Homoeopathy as a science of healing has all the means and ways to treat most of the diseases. I have witnessed the rapidity of relief of many diseases with Homoeopathic treatment. The treatment is not GENERAL but INDIVIDUAL which is the hallmark of the science. Each individual is different hence the treatment. The grasp of this phenomena and its application in most scientific way is what we do. The results are most convincing.

Second most important aspect to our approach is understanding “PSYCHE” and its relation to “SOMA”. Through years of interacting with patients and their family we have the firm grasp of origin as well as maintaining of individual disease. This gives us edge in guiding the entire family for meaningful insight for accepting and managing diseases.

Third aspect is scientific updates. We keep on updating our understanding in Etiopathology with latest in   Immunology, Allergies, and Endocrinology etc.

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By: Dr. Sudhir R. Joshi

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